Tuesday, February 15, 2011

N751HM (Blue Keep Calm - Sea)

If all of us can keep calm when something happened, the world would be a much better place to stay, people are more happy and everybody live longer.

The orang asli in Sarawak are still living in the traditional long house in rural places. To help support their family in this modern world, they have to work hard but often no/insufficient resources provided. The blue clay bead featured in this design is handmade/hand drawn by the orang asli in Sarawak.

This design signifies peace and happiness of all living in the world.

Ref: N751HM (Blue Keep Calm - Sea)
Special : Handmade. Pendant is water resistant but not water proof. Advisable to avoid contact with water.
Pendant : 7/8 inch
Length : 24cm or 48cm overall
Price : RM 29.90 (FREE Postage - Malaysia)
Available x 1

Order Now : order.my.lollipop@gmail.com

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