Friday, August 12, 2011

N979HM (Deep In My Heart)

Ref : N979HM (Deep In My Heart)
Special : Handmade with rhodium plated cable chain, rhodium plated large oval locket, resin rose and enamel connectors
Length : 32cm / 64cm overall
Charm : 2.8cm x 2cm
Price : RM 39.90 (FREE Postage - Malaysia)

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  1. hello there...
    em...i like the design but boleh ka kalau sya mahu yg mcam ni tapi yg material yg bulat colour biru dengan putih tu di buka..i mean, tidak perlu guna la material yg bulat biru dgan putih tu...sebab i try to find something yg mcm ni saya suka yg rhodium plated large oval locket tu...

  2. Hello Lia,
    Did you mean you want the chain and the locket only?
    Can you drop me an email to It is easier to track our conversation there :)