Thursday, September 22, 2011

M887HM (Sling Bag - Animal Kingdom) - Licked

Ref: M887HM (Sling Bag - Animal Kingdom)
This bag is purely handmade with simplicity in mind.
# environment friendly as it is made of IKEA design cotton and Thai cotton and it is washable.
# big enough for a A5 book with your wallet, phone and keys.
# Good as a shopping bag or even as a leisure/casual bag for any outings.
# It goes well with a simple outfit and it will brightens up your look.
# 3 layers on each side, with interfacing to maintain the shape and comfort.
# Inner pocket for your smaller accessories
# Comes with magnetic snap button.
# Adjustable and removable rhodium plated chain.
# Not meant to hold heavy items such as full bottled of water bottle.

Size : 27cm x 22cm
Chain : 110cm overall (waist length)

Licked !!

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