Saturday, November 10, 2012

M1036HM (Small Hobo - Marine Stripes) - Licked!!

Ref : M1036HM (Small Hobo - Marine Stripes)
Material : Cotton, cotton linen, sponge, interfacing
Description : A fun themed bag to add cuteness to a chic outfit. You can use it as a camera bag too :) Each side has 4 layers and it is soft like a pillow, which is a trademark of The Lollipop House's bags. It is big enough to carry magazines but I strongly suggest carrying heavy items such as water bottles and thick text book, as the weight would change the shape of the bag. The cotton webbing strap is adjustable with a maximum of 120cm attached to the wooden ring.
Size : 27cm x 22cm x 11cm (+ / -) 

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