Sunday, July 18, 2010

Great Fun @ 1st Craft Party

It's a perfect day for a relaxing morning to have some fun with and to know people who share the same interest @ the 1st ever Craft Party organised by Mimpi Murni.
Chris today get to know a few friends who love crafts, especially I get to meet Mimpi Murni's founder Murni and Beanipet's founder June in person. Absolutely loving their creations.
Simple crafts, simple breakfast, fantastic chat and game. Most importantly, a great way to start my Sunday.
Here are some pictures to share with you.

My group members + Murni on the left

My own tile ring. Available soon.
Don't Worry and Be Happy, it's Sunday!!! It's party time!!

There's a competition to come up with our group name and logo. Though we did not win, but we are absolutely loving our Mama Frosty (cupcake).

This is what I have come up with cute cute-outs from magazine that I brought along.
Am already planning to do more for coming Halloween & Christmas. I LOVE X'MAS!!


  1. Hey girl! Found you ^ . ^ Glad to meet you too and Love your stuff too! I've linked ya~*

  2. we shall see each other again at the next party!!