Friday, July 30, 2010


TLH is back in action.
We have been out of the bazaar scene for quite sometime and are very nervous on our prep. Keep worrying whether we have left anything out.
Anyway, just an update on what to expect on our 1st bazaar come-back of year 2010:
Products : not all products will be on display for sale @ SweatFest. More handmade items will be promoted this time around
Packaging : "Recycle and Reuse", that's the Motto stated on all our packaging using recycle magazine pages (if you are one of our customer then you should know : ) )
Display : optimizing recycling materials found unused or untouched. Tried to salvage them and make them as presentable as possible. Pardon us if you feel our work is not good. We are trying to improve each time : )
Person : Hmm... again, it will be myself only (if my helper is not available). You can call me Chris : )
Lastly, if you are free, do drop by at Royal Selangor Club Kiara on 1 August 2010 from 12PM - 6PM.


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