Sunday, October 17, 2010

Eco Film Fest Part 2

The above video was about our Mother Earth, "She" is getting weaker day by day. Please pay attention to the lyrics. Great performance by band and children. "Wayang Kulit, wayang kulit" thats what they were saying when they skipped up the stage.

Eco Film Fest 2010, my very 1st.
We were suppose to be car booters but due to the hot sun, our "Director of Car Boot Sales" had upgraded us to the event venue with shades, toilet and fans. Fantastic. Thanks Collins.

We had a blast clearing our stuff/junk/unused/used/unwanted (whatever you wanna call them) and had met great friendly people.

There are many booths promoting Eco Friendly products and so on.

So come on over, it's not too late. Today is the LAST day, 17/10/10 10AM - 8PM.
Come join the fun!!!

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