Thursday, October 21, 2010

M507HM (Dreamy Note Book Cover) - Licked

Blue Clouds made of felt. Handsewn.

Give the ordinary looking exercise book/note book of yours a new look.
This is a fun lace fabric note book cover that can be reused again and again. The clouds makes you wanna doodle. Doodle on the book then : )
Once you have finished one book, put in a new one. Environment friendly A+ : )

Now, don't you feel like doodling?
Don't you feel like writing down what's in your mind?
Don't you feel like keeping a journal?
Get this now. There will be more coming~~

Ref : M507HM (Dreamy Note Book Cover)
Special : Handmade. Hand sewn. Book of 100pages thick included.
Size : 22cm x 16cm x 1cm
Charm : 2cm
Note : Suitable for 3/4 book with 100 - 300pages, soft cover book only.
Licked !!

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